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Once you walk into this lovely patisserie, you will find a large selection of sweets and pastries. We were greeted right away when we walked through their doors, and the friendly staff provided more information on the patisserie and the products. Their sweets and pastries are made daily from scratch using fresh quality ingredients. They are also the first in Calgary to serve Vancouver's matchstick coffee.




The fresh pastries you will see when you walk into Sucre.

We wanted everything!!

The Passion {chocolate cake, praline crunch, dark chocolate mousse, and raspberry compote}

I ended up choosing this dessert because I love chocolate, especially dark chocolate!

This looked and tasted amazing, the raspberry compote inside the cake was a nice surprise.

Vanilla Latte

I don't order lattes often because I don't like the sugary syrup some cafes use, but Sucre uses pure Madagascar vanilla rather than syrup.

I loved how my latte tasted, it tasted so natural and didn't ruin the taste of my coffee!

This was from another time we were at Surce: We enjoyed a cappuccino, a freshly brewed coffee, the Chocolate Obsession, and a mango and an espresso macaron.

The Chocolate Obsession {chocolate cake, dark chocolate ganache, chocolate cream, and milk chocolate mousse}

I told you I love chocolate :)




Send me a message and share your experience at Sucre with me!

Hope you enjoyed this blog! xo, Dee

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