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I love Italian food and Cucina is one of my favorite Italian restaurants! This bistro gives you a very welcoming feel when you walk in. They have very nice decor and also have an open kitchen where you can watch the chef do their thing. Above is the image you will see when you walk into Cucina.

You will also find some of their tables inlaid with panels from wine boxes from the Teatro group's wine cellar.

Very unique.

Now lets talk about their food!





Beef Tartare {tenderloin - quail eggs - grainy mustard aioli}

Can't go wrong with beef tartare!

Although, I wish they served it with homemade chips or something, but other than that, it was delicious!

Scallop Ceviche {citrus - micro green - radish inslata}

We really enjoyed this appetizer.

The citrus flavor was very refreshing and was paired very well with the scallops

(the scallops are layered underneath the veggies in case you cannot see it)

Parmesan Stuffed Beef Meatballs

If you're hoping the meatballs will be stuffed with a lot of parmesan cheese, then you might be disappointed. Personally, I don't like too much cheese so it was perfect for me. The meatballs tasted very well with their pomodoro sauce.


Grilled Albacore Tuna {tuna loin served rare - market garnish}

The albacore tuna was grilled to perfection. It wasn't overcooked causing it to be too dry, or way too under cooked causing it to be too rare.

Silver Sage Cut {locally sourced beef - roasted bone marrow jus}

The beef was grilled to our liking and went very well with the roasted bone marrow jus.

Mussel A La Creme {double smoked bacon - shallots - garlic}

I love mussels! and bacon! This was a tasty dish, I drank all the broth that came with this :)

Half Rack of Lamb {olive crusted - rosemary garlic jus}

For all you lamb eaters.. I highly recommend this from Cucina.

Very well cooked and lots of flavor.

Grilled Porchetta {slow roasted herbed stuffed pork belly}

Look at this huge piece of meat! I know there are a lot of pork belly lovers here ;)

Daily Market Fish {steel head trout - sweet potato puree - double smoked bacon - white beans - coconut cream with crab meat}

Everything on this plate was delicious, but my favorite was the coconut cream with crab meat! It was a very tasty combination.


Creme Brulee

One of our go-to desserts, we love creme brulee.


Can't go to an Italian restaurant without trying their tiramisu. This tiramisu is more of a 'cream tiramisu' than a 'cake tiramisu'. It tasted delicious. We were told this tiramisu was made from the recipe of the owner's Italian mother. Very authentic!

Moelluex Chocolat

{topped with whipped cream}

This is my favorite dessert from Cucina. It's like a chocolate covered cake. Highly recommended if you love chocolate! Must try!

I have been to Cucina a number of times but I still have not tried their pasta!

What do you think of their pasta? Send me a message and let me know if they're worth trying!




Hope you enjoyed this blog! xo, Dee

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