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One18Empire was voted for one of 2016's top 10 best new restaurants in Calgary by Avenue Magazine, so we had to try it out for ourselves! This whiskey inspired bar and restaurant serves over 100 whiskeys, ryes, bourbons and scotches. We were very excited to see what was on the menu. So first things first, we couldn't have dinner here without trying their drinks.

We don't know about you, but we loved the design of their drink menu.

FLAVOR CENTRAL a flavor chart with different bourbons, bitters and sweeteners to choose from Not sure what kind of old fashioned you want? Use this flavor chart to create your perfect drink!

TEMPERANCE {bourbon - strawberry infused syrup - freshly squeezed lemon juice - sparkling wine} I wanted something a bit fruity, so I went with this cocktail. It was perfect!

CUSTOMIZED OLD FASHIONED The smoke was customized to our liking, and it was made right in front of our eyes!



We got to choose the type of smoke for our old fashioned on this huge barrel. They torched the wood right in front of us, very entertaining indeed!

Now that we have our drinks.. Let's move on to the food!

THE MENU We went with 2 shareables and 1 signature entree.

The 2 shareables we ordered: Seared Diver Scallops & Bourbon Short Ribs

SEARED DIVER SCALLOPS {scallops - pork belly - creamy polenta - mustard jus}

DELICIOUS!! These juicy scallops were served over a melt-in-your-mouth pork belly.

BOURBON SHORT RIBS {short ribs - yorkshire pudding - smashed peas - goat cheese - pancetta - mint} So much meat and flavor in every bite! The juice from the short ribs went so well with the yorkshire pudding.

14OZ ALBERTA RIBEYE We went with the Ribeye for the entree. It was served with duck fat confit smashed potatoes and maple bourbon green beans. The Ribeye was so juicy and tender, it was made perfectly to our liking. A CLOSER LOOK

We were so full.. but there's always room for dessert ;)

CHEESECAKE {goat cheese - salted caramel - graham cracker crust - amarena cherries} This cheesecake was made for you goat cheese lovers! The goat cheese flavor was very strong. We would not recommend this if you do not like the gamey taste. We loved it though ;)

ONE18 CHOCOLATE CAKE {milk chocolate mousse - gianduja crunch - orange caramel} A lovely combination! The cake was not overly sweet, and the milk chocolate mousse was so smooth. It was the perfect way to end this lovely meal.


. .

Would we go back?

YES!!! We had an amazing time at One18Empire. Friendly Service, great atmosphere, and amazing food and drinks.

We probably spent around 3-4 hours there just for dinner. It wasn't because their food came out slowly, it was because we didn't want to leave! The service at One18Empire was excellent. The food and drinks came out at a decent time. Our server was super friendly and checked up on us whenever we needed her, it was like she could read our minds! *Quick shout out to our server, Robin* Great atmosphere at this restaurant. The tables were spaced out just enough to create a comfortable setting for everyone. The music they played were very chill and relaxing (you can hear the music from the video we posted above). This is definitely a place we would go to after a long hard day at work. Large selection of cocktails to choose from. You'll probably have no issues finding a drink you love with over 100 whiskey, rye, bourbon, and scotches to choose from. It's a great place to get creative with your drinks! Amazing food. The food we had were phenomenal. Everything was fresh and had the perfect amount of flavor. The portions were good, we left the restaurant carrying our bellies. We will definitely be back!

. . .

I hope you enjoyed this blog! xo, Dee

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