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Jollibee is the largest fast food chain in the Philippines which is well-loved by the Filipino community. Their signature menu items include the Jolly Crispy Chicken, Jolly Spaghetti and their amazing Peach Mango Pie! The first location of Jollibee in Calgary is located at the Pacific Place Mall at 999 36th Street N.E. On their grand opening day, there were hundreds of people lining up wanting to get their hands on Jollibee. There were many that camped overnight waiting for their doors to open.

Jollibee was giving the first 50 people in line who made a purchase of $25 or more, a year's supply of Jolly Crispy Chicken, which would be a six piece bucket of chicken every month for whole year! They were also giving out a Jollibee Funko Pop to the first 50 people who were holding up their creative #ItsOurTurn banner or posters, and the first 300 customers in line would also receive a Jollibee plush toy.

There were so many happy faces at Jollibee, including ours! We were super excited to try their food, we got our hands on some of their signature menu items!!


Can't go to Jollibee without having their Jolly Crispy Chicken! The meat was so juicy and the skin was so crunchy. The crispy chicken was perfectly seasoned giving it such good flavor. It tasted even better with their gravy!


This is not your average spaghetti. The sauce in this spaghetti was a bit sweet, but that's what made it so unique and tasty! The meaty spaghetti sauce had ground beef and ham. It also had hot dog slices which we did not expect, but we really enjoyed it.


These rice noodles were topped with ground pork, shrimp, slices of boiled egg, and Jollibee's signature palabok sauce, which was a garlic shrimp sauce. It also came with a few packets of lemon juice for the noodles. We tried it with and without the lemon juice and highly recommend having it with the juice because the citrus brought this dish to a whole new level!


This may be the best pie we have ever had!! The outside of the pie was so crispy and it had a sugar coating which gave it that sweetness. The inside was a combination of peach and mango, it had bits of the actual fruits inside as well. We were afraid this pie would be super sweet but it wasn't. It had the perfect amount of sweetness and it was the perfect dessert after our Jolly meal! We absolutely loved everything we had at Jollibee! We now know why the Filipino community love Jollibee so much.

Jollibee has over 1,300 locations in 16 countries, and plan to open 100 locations across Canada by 2023. We hope to see another location in Calgary soon! (we hear they might be opening a second location on Macleod Trail)

Be sure to check them out if you haven't already!! They are located at the Pacific Place Mall at 999 36th Street N.E. . . . xo, Dee

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